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KDR - AquaTherapy

The AquaTherapy is a compact suspension seat that offers high levels of comfort but does not take up too much space. The AquaTherapy can be used to replace standard 'static' seats thanks to the low-profile suspension unit. This means the user has the benefits from the suspension unit without sitting too high. Please see attached image for the dimensions drawing.

We have supplied the AquaTherapy marine chair for many different vessels, from day boats, cruisers, trawlers and a whole host of work-boats.

Compact, comfortable and affordable!

£449.00 + £29.00 Delivery
Key Features
  • 50mm vertical suspension stroke
  • Weight adjustment (50-120kg)
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Mechanical lumbar support
  • Fore and aft adjustment - 160mm with 216mm lateral centres
  • Suspension cover
  • Comfort armrests (can be folded away)
  • Suspension cover
  • Vinyl trim