Iveco 75e15 Eurocargo Truck Drivers Air Suspension Seat

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Iveco 75e15 Eurocargo Truck Drivers Air Suspension Seat

This truck seat features an air suspension unit that will increase driver comfort and is a vast improvement over the standard fixed seat.

Specifically for use in Iveco 7.5T Eurocargo type trucks that use 216mm mounting centres for the seat mounting. The air seat works off the vehicles auxillary air supply.

This seat does not have an integrated seatbelt, if you require one please see our other items or call our office for assistance.

We have other truck seats available on our website.

Popular options include armrests and headrest.

Truck, Tipper, Horsebox, Flatbed etc

£569.00 + £29.00 Delivery
Key Features
  • Self-levelling air suspension
  • 75mm vertical suspension stroke
  • Automatic adjustment for driver weight 50-120kg
  • Suspension lockout
  • 60mm seat height and tilt adjustment
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Lumbar support
  • Slide rail adjustment
  • Suspension cover
  • Fabric trim