Grammer Actimo XXL - MSG97AL/732

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Grammer Actimo XXL - MSG97AL/732

The Actimo XXL comfort seat is the right partner for operators of large construction machines. Equipped with a low-frequency pneumatic suspension to compensate for vibrations and jolts even more effectively, plus a wide scissors-type suspension that imparts high stability to the seat. The pneumatical suspension with APS (Automatic Positioning System) ensures that contact with the pedals remains unaffected. The integrated fore/aft isolator reduces horizontal vibrations in the driving direction. Experience and use operating comfort with optimum ergonomical user guidance.

The Actimo XXL makes the experience smoother and safer while doing a lot to protect the back. A special innovation is behind this: an air suspension system that has been specially designed to significantly reduce the vibrations and oscillations typical of construction machinery. It is a pneumatic low-frequency suspension that almost completely absorbs all vertical forces. It eliminates jolts and even lets the operator stay relaxed when travelling fast.

Popular options include armrests, headrest, seat switch and seatbelt.

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Please call for the price of this product, it cannot be ordered online.

Key Features
  • Low-frequency air suspension (12V or 24V compressor)
  • APS (Automatic Positioning System)
  • Extra-wide rugged suspension
  • Adjustable shock absorber
  • 100mm vertical suspension stroke
  • Automatic weight adjustment
  • Pneumatic height adjustment - 80mm
  • Slide rail adjustment
  • Fore and aft isolator
  • Forward-mounted controls
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Adjustable seat cushion depth and angle
  • 490mm seat cushion width