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KDRail have designed and developed Cab Seating for Surface and Underground stock throughout Europe. We have a range of Drivers Seats and Cab Tip-Up Seats.
We also can assist Customers with Bespoke Seating. From concept, design, test and development, prototypes, supply, after sale care and maintenance.
KDRail can customise seating to meet your exact requirements. Committed to working with the Customer from concept to supply to ensure product satisfaction and total life costs are achieved.


Gas Strut or Gear / leadscrew vertical movement.
Vertical movement 100mm or 130mm.
Turntable, Suspension, Armrest Options
Seat Frame, Headrest, Lumber Support, Cushion Heaters, Seat Trim Options.


Gas Strut or Gear / leadscrew vertical movement.
Vertical movement 100mm, 130mm or 250mm available.
Turntables available for pedestals. Fixed pedestals available.


KDRail undertake a full repair and refurbishment service for all supplied Seating.
We also repair and refurbish Cab Seating from other major manufacturers.
Mechanical overhaul and Trim service available.


KDRail build Mechanical and Air Suspension Seats.
Vertical movement 100mm to 160mm available.
Turntable, Armrest, Seat Frame, Headrest, Lumber Support, Cushion Heater and Seat Trim Options.


KDRail have in-house facility for Load and Cycle Testing. Fire, Smoke and Toxicity Testing is undertaken at independent Test Houses.


Fixed Tip-Up Seats or Height Adjustable Tip-Up Seats available.
5 off x standard types available. Trim Options. Will undertake bespoke design and supply Tip-Up Seating.


Pedestal Seats, Suspension Seats, Tip-Up Seats, Turntables, Fixed Pedestals, Armrests, Headrests, Seat Frames, Seat Trim and Fore/Aft Slides. Seat Spares.


Cab Seat repair and refurbishment. Trim spares and refurbishment. Load and Cycle Testing. Fire Testing, test preparation. Bespoke Cab Seat Design.